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A smooth experience for all senses - Forma Interpanel at Habitare

The Habitare furniture, interior decor and design fair in Helsinki marks the beginning of autumn for every design professional and enthusiast in Finland. Again this year UPM Grada is well presented. You can find us for example at the Ecodesign exhibition, at Isku’s stand and at Studio Antti E’s stand between 9–13 September.

The Forma Interpanel – designed by Samuli Naamanka and enabled by UPM Grada – can be found decorating the Ecodesign exhibition at stand 7a21. The guiding principle behind the product is to bring together the acoustic and the visual in interior design. The panel’s qualities makes it possible to design beautiful, unique spaces with surpassable acoustic capabilities. The panels can spread, direct, aim or dampen sound, according to need, and thus make a big difference in the atmosphere of public spaces.

The Forma Interpanel is a collaboration pilot presented for the first time at Ecodesign. The exhibition, true to its name, focuses on the ecology of products at every turn. This year, UPM Grada was also selected as the theme material for the exhibition. Ecodesign highlights the consumption of energy, natural resources and waste emissions, each being under careful consideration in the design process.

Come, see, feel and hear Forma Interpanel at Habitare’s Ecodesign exhibition. » »