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New UPM Grada 2000 Makes Furniture Manufacturer’s Processes Even More Efficient

UPM has further developed the Grada technology, which enables forming of wood with heat and pressure. UPM Grada 2000, the new member in the product family, requires only 95ºC forming temperature and consequently further improves the form pressing process efficiency and saves energy simultaneously.

"At UPM we focus on developing Grada technology so that our customer’s can improve their competitiveness by making their manufacturing more efficient. The new development supports manufacturers, who are looking into possibilities to transfer manufacturing back to Europe from low cost countries. The improved product series has been tested by many of our customers and are very pleased with the fact that their process cycle-time improves at least by 25%", explains Mikko Tilli from UPM.

The significantly lower forming temperature makes it possible to use more delicate coating materials on the panel. Since the material needs to be heated to lower temperature, there are more options on heating equipment than before. "I’m delighted that UPM Grada can now be used in more versatile ways and the technology can be easily accessed by many new customers", summarises Mikko.