Balance lounge chair

Balance lounge chair

Designed by Esa Vesmanen and manufactured by Pure Design Finland. This Good Design™ award winning piece has been inspired by the human response to wind and waves.

Enabled by UPM Grada®.

Product info – Innovative material for furniture design & Interior architecture

Production efficiency like no other

New UPM Grada 2000 sets new benchmark for form pressing. A single UPM Grada component can be formed in less than one minute. Imagine that – 60 components in an hour! Best of all, form pressing with UPM Grada can be fully automated. Alternatively, it only takes one person to operate a UPM Grada form pressing unit in manual run. All this with unforeseen design opportunities.

Unforeseen design opportunities

UPM Grada opens whole new world for design. Traditional limitations of form pressing are now things of the past. Pre-machining, multi-stage forming and ability to form only a selected part of the component allow designs previously considered impossible or unfeasible. Form pressed components can also be equipped with inserts for fixing or electricity. All this with production efficiency like no other.

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New faster formable UPM Grada 2000 showcased at Interzum fair in Cologne

UPM’s thermo-formable wood material UPM Grada is now faster to form than before. New UPM Grada 2000 becomes formable in significantly lower temperature than before. Lower forming temperature means shorter warm-up time and faster cool-down... Read more »


New UPM Grada 2000 Makes Furniture Manufacturer’s Processes Even More Efficient

UPM has further developed the Grada technology, which enables forming of wood with heat and pressure. UPM Grada 2000, the new member in the product family, requires only 95ºC forming temperature and consequently further improves the form... Read more »


UPM Grada Is Highlighted at EcoDesign Exhibition in Milan

Several designs made of UPM Grada thermo-formable wood material are in spotlight at EcoDesign exhibition held at La Triennale design museum in Milan, Italy on April 8–13. Many design focused guests are expected to visit the exhibition since it... Read more »


UPM Grada cuts Isku’s form press times to half

UPM Plywood and Finnish furniture manufacturer Isku have signed a partnership agreement on Finnish thermo-formable UPM Grada wood material and WISA birch plywood. Along with the agreement, Isku converts all of its Lahti mill’s form press... Read more »

Efficiency Made Easy

Grada technology revitalises the forming of wood with heat and pressure and opens up new opportunities for designs not achievable with traditional methods. See video!

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